Personal Branding for Professionals in Singapore
By Royvanamerongen Follow | Public

We want to share our knowledge and experience in personal branding, mainly focusing on business profiles. It all starts with you, so you better feel good, feel confident and be ready to rumble. Feeling good is linked to looking good. The way you dress, the way you talk, the way you walk, the style of your hair, the health of your skin, all these contribute how others look at you. Make sure they look at you the way you want them to.

Three professionals in the fields of international fashion, retail and tailoring business came up with the idea to educate working professionals in Singapore. We created a series of workshops in collaboration with several guest speakers, each from a different field of expertise but closely linked to personal branding and a professional appearance. Think of hairstylists, skincare professionals, sales coaches and communication experts.
We focus on both men and women. However, some workshops will be dedicated specifically to either one. This will be communicated with each event of course.